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This journey started over 25 years ago when Danielle and I accepted a position as youth pastors at a thriving church in Michigan. In that time we had some great successes and of course some minor setbacks. Along with the mistakes that often accompany ministry in the making, we found out we were unable to have children. After a series of tests, time, and tons of prayer the Lord blessed us with twin daughters.

In 2009 we felt the tug of God pulling us to the great State of Texas. We served in many capacities at an amazing church in Houston. We learned a ton, loved many, and in those seven years we have also added to our family Silas.

Our story continued, as we took a LEAP of faith to return to the AMAZING State of Michigan 2016 to start a church in the Detroit Metropolitan area. In starting what would be called One Oak Church, we also began working with the University of Michigan football team, and have now for over 8 seasons, 3 BIG TEN titles, and a National Championship. 

We have recently transitioned from pastoring our church, but are still very much involved in ministry. We serve as the Director of Character Development for  Michigan Football, along with being the team chaplain. Still fulfilling my call to help the local church, I am available to speak when needed.

Robby Emery


How can I help you?

I am available to come to your church, business, or corporate event. 

In the journey of life, there have been challenges and victories alike. Throughout it all, I've found strength in my faith and a sense of purpose. Starting as a chaplain, then assisting the head football coach, and now serving as the director of character development, I've witnessed incredible growth. Over the past eight seasons, more than 200 players and coaches have embraced Christianity, with 70 choosing baptism. As we enter the 2024 season, I'm hopeful for what lies ahead, knowing that there's more to come in this journey of faith and transformation.


We encourage you to pray with us on this journey, and follow our little love story as it unfolds.


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U of M

University of Michigan Football

Since 2016, the Emery family's influence at the University of Michigan has been profound. What began as a simple Bible study with a handful of players and interns blossomed into a multifaceted ministry. From teaching chapel services to traveling with the team, their impact has been tangible. A pivotal moment came when the Head football coach eagerly supported the idea of baptizing players, leading to over 70 individuals making a public declaration of their faith. But their impact extends beyond the field; the Emerys have forged deep connections not only with players but also with their families, sharing moments of prayer and fellowship at tailgates, both home and away. With three Big Ten titles and a national championship under their belt, they remain steadfast in their belief that God's work is far from over at Michigan, eager to witness what more He has in store.

The Emery family's journey at Michigan is a testament to the power of faith and community. While their efforts have undoubtedly contributed to the team's success, they humbly attribute it to a collective mindset rather than individual achievement. Their focus on fostering spiritual growth and building genuine relationships has sparked a revival within the program, transcending mere wins and losses. As they continue to walk alongside players and their families, their unwavering faith serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path forward. With hearts full of anticipation, they stand ready to embrace whatever new challenges and triumphs God has in store, believing that the best is yet to come for Michigan and its community of believers.




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